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BlueShield IT was formed in 2019 by its founder Stuart Macdonald after qualifying on the Government-backed 2 year Cyber Ready Scotland Project. 

Stuart is passionate about IT and has been involved in the IT industry for approaching 30 years having worked for various IT companies.


Stuart recognised the volume of Cyber attacks on business is increasing exponentially so he set up BlueShield IT to help protect clients from these sophisticated attacks.

With our team of qualified Cyber Security analysts, Information Security Specialists, and Data programmers, we do everything with security in mind for our clients.   



or call Stuart or the team on  (+44) 7914 095015 to discuss how BlueShield IT can help secure your business. 



Our team of IT Security experts work closely with our clients to understand their current situation and where they want to get to with regards to their IT security objectives. BlueShield IT designed a simple 4x step Client Engagement Process to help the clients on their security journey quickly and efficiently with us.   

BlueShield C.E.P

Step 1. An initial 30 minutes discovery call at our cost to discuss your business needs.

Step 2. A commercial proposal issued and terms of business agreed.

Step 3. A preparation and planning meeting is booked along with resources.

Step 4. Project delivery and report conclusion or next steps agreed.

Every client's requirements are different, so whether we are conducting a  Security Audit, Cyber Essentials, GDPR Assessments or an ISO project, our simple Client Engagement Process remains the same.

Contact our experts today on (+44) 7914 095015 or email us at to learn more. 


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(+44) 7914 095015

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