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Welcome to BlueShield IT - The Cyber Defenders.

This is the first of our new blogs to keep our clients and readers informed about us and what we are up to in the world of Cyber Security / Information Security. So who are we? Our company was set up in the summer of 2019 by our founder Stuart Macdonald, who is an IT security professional with almost 30 years of continuous IT experience.

Meet Stuart

Stuart has spent the past five years or so growing the company and expanding and honing his technical skills. Stuart likes to lead by example and insists anyone joining BlueShield IT must demonstrate their commitment to Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

When he is not working on an important client security or compliance project he likes spending time at the gym, which Stuart enjoys so much he has been doing it for over 25 years. He also loves to spend time with his family and young grandchildren, who keep him and his wife on their toes constantly as they are both great fun and full of mischief.

How did "BlueShield IT" come about?

Stuart has worked for a few IT companies throughout his career, including international vendors like Compaq, HP, Time Computers, and some UK Resellers of IT Services & Solutions. Therefore he was fortunate enough to experience different company environments and processes, so this made him think if he had his own company, things would be done differently.

In the summer of 2019 and approximately 6 months, before COVID-19 became a global pandemic, Stuart had just completed an amazing Scottish Government program called Cyber Ready Scotland, created by CompTIA. This was a massive turning point for Stuart having attained some new highly recognised technical certifications to add to his growing collection, he went on holiday to contemplate his future and what it might look like.

Although Stuart had many years of experience in IT, only a small amount of this was working in a technical capacity, so it would be a gamble to start up a purely technical IT start-up company, but he decided (after consulting his wife) that was a risk worth taking and so BlueShield IT Ltd was born. The company name was picked to represent a well known term for attack and defense simulation in the IT security field, the Blue Team is the defender of the IT environment and the Red Team is there to attack the systems as a real threat actor would.

Why should you work with BlueShield IT?

Our team has combined knowledge and experience in excess of 50 years working across the IT spectrum, where we have helped many clients address their Cyber Security and Information Security concerns. Whether you need help with a Cyber incident, want a security audit of your environment, or are exploring compliance options, we can help.

Please click the button below or call us at +44(0) 333 305 5058 for more details or request a quote from our portfolio of services and solutions



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