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Compliance Services

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a Government backed and industry recognised certification designed to help protect any organisation, from known cyber-attacks. These include internal threats (staff), ransomware, phishing and more.

Cyber Assurance

This Certification provides small and medium enterprises in a supply chain assurance at an affordable cost, to demonstrate they are adhering to best practice cyber security and protecting client and company data.

Maritime Cyber Baseline

This new Certification Scheme provides an affordable and practical way for shipping operators to improve their information security and reduce the potential for cyber-attacks.

Security Awareness Training

The weakest link in any business is not actually the technology but the staff. 

BlueShield IT can offer a bespoke training service to clients to help get their staff and business environments secure.

IoT Security

IoT Cyber Assurance certification requires manufacturers to complete an assessment based on how they interact and communicate with other aspects of the IT infrastructure.

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