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Cyber Scotland Week and Career Progression in Cyber: Upskilling for a Resilient Scotland

In February, we observed Cyber Scotland Week, which aimed to enhance cyber awareness and resilience for individuals, businesses, and organizations across Scotland. As a part of the week's activities, UK Cyber Security Council and Skills Development Scotland hosted a webinar titled "Career Progression in Cyber", in which Stuart Macdonald of BlueShield IT participated as a panel member, which explored ways individuals can acquire or improve their skills to pursue a career in cyber security.

The webinar discussed career pathways into the field of cyber security, including the career frameworks of both the Council and Skills Development Scotland, and how individuals can initiate or advance their careers in this industry. Representatives from both organizations provided insights on the transferable skills required, methods for upskilling, and how addressing the cyber security skills gap can support Scotland's broader skills strategy.

If you're interested, you can view the complete webinar here:


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