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IoT Security

The IASME IoT Cyber Assurance scheme certifies internet connected devices against the most important security controls and demonstrates commitment to best practice security. The scheme aligns with all 13 provisions of the worldwide standard in IoT cyber security, ETSI EN 303 645 and with the imminent UK IoT security legislation and guidance. It is also mapped to the IoTSF Security Compliance Framework.

IASME has developed the IoT Cyber Assurance scheme to provide an opportunity for manufacturers to improve the security of their internet-connected devices and to show they are compliant with best-practice security. The scheme has been designed specifically to be accessible to smaller organisations, micro-businesses and start-ups alongside more established manufacturers.

The IoT Cyber Assurance certification process requires manufacturers to complete an assessment based on the IoT devices being assessed and how they operate, interact and communicate with other aspects of the IT infrastructure.

BlueShield IT’s team of compliance and Cyber Security experts can assist any manufacturing / production clients achieve this recognised certification.

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