BlueShield IT Security and Awareness Training

It is well known amongst the security community and the criminal enterprises, that the weakest link in any business is not actually the technology but the staff.

In order to address this huge gap and exploit route to a companies valuable IT assets, BlueShield IT offer a bespoke training service to clients to help get their staff and business environments secure.


We do this through an initial evaluation and benchmark of where the staff rate in terms of their understanding of security within the workplace, and the impacts of a breach to the business.


The next step is to create a bespoke security plan for the staff and business and where appropriate recommend or introduce any security products or services to help with this.

We find that by conducting the one off initial exercise, we can identify where companies are lax in password controls, email protection and many other areas.


Please get in touch with the team on (+44) 333 305 5058 or contact us by clicking below for a bespoke quote and initial consultation.