As Microsoft and AWS partners the BlueShield IT team offer practical guidance on transforming Cybersecurity in a systemic way for organisations.

The fear of paying Bitcoin to get files back or having to report a GDPR breach even for smallest of organisations is concerning. Our partners are aware and Microsoft have a great range of tools to help protect.

We understand that implementing Cybersecurity can be complex, especially if you are dealing with on premises and cloud based solutions combined with maintaining effective working practices and keeping up with the digital changes for productivity.

​BlueShield offer a 4 stage programme.

  1. Cybersecurity starts with understanding your risks and utilising the tools you already have

  2.  Ensuring a full understanding of your network and data sources 

  3. Developing an awareness programme and ensuring that best practice is adopted 

  4. Once stages 1-3 are complete then we can start to look at the additional measures you may require based on your individualised risk assessment. 

BlueShield will never recommend a product until the risk assessment and the existing tools already deployed have been optimised.

Please enjoy the short video below from our partners at Microsoft on the great security you may already have. If you're not on office 365 or want more information on how to become more secure/become GDPR compliant, gain Cyber essentials or ISO  27001 just call.

We are happy to help and the first meeting is on us.