BlueShield IT offers many different types of security audits to business owners, to help them identify any security weaknesses before the criminals do.


As we are just recovering from a worldwide pandemic COVID-19, it was apparent how many attacks took place against the wider business community and this will continue.


This is why we are providing an initial admin level Microsoft 365 technical audit service to help companies identify if they are exposed or have had a breach as a result of altered working practices during COVID-19.

This is an inexpensive way of quickly highlighting where you might need to improve on your security posture or amend your remote working policy/ procedures.


In addition to the above BlueShield IT can offer a variation of Pentesting Services for the more complex needs of clients, these include. Web Application, Network, Physical Perimeter and bespoke options too.


Please contact Stuart directly on 07914 095015 or email to request a quote for your business.  

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